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A luxury holistic med spa & wellness experience in Troon North Scottsdale AZ. Celebrity aesthetician-facialist, Scottsdale spa & holistic massage therapy.


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Signature Holistic Spa Treatments



OXYLIGHT® an innovative technology that combines the following 6 treatments in one for impeccable results and zero downtime; Diamond Dermabrasion, Microcurrents, LED Light Therapy, Oxygen Therapy, Biosonix Ultrasound, and Negative Pressure Therapy.  The Oxylight is used to dramtically reduce lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and post acne scars.  Oxylight also tightens, hydrates, brightens, and firms skin.  Customized, targeted treatments with dramatic results. 

A total workout for the face!       

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Gua Sha is a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique used to improve the texture, tone, and overall health of the tissue. This ancient Chinese healing technique may offer a unique approach to better health.
In skilled hands it has the power to lift, tone, detoxify and release tension in the skin.
When working with Cecilia Holistic Spa Sequences, we are encouraging lymphatic drainage which de-puffs the face, detoxifies the skin and helps relieve blackheads and congestion. We are also releasing decades of tension from the face/Jaw, which frees up circulation to nourish the skin. We are literally reorganizing and reeducating the tissue to be stronger, less tense, and more flexible, resulting in better tone, less wrinkles, and more glow.


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Our Non-Surgical FACELIFT utilies MyoLight therapy that combines LED lights and micro-current technologies in one treatment. The micro-currents stimulate muscles, strengthening the framing of the face , eye area and the neck. MyoLight Therapy stimulates collagen production, improves the appearance of sun damage, increases the toughness of capillary vessels, reduces inflammation, puffiness, and wrinkles. Kills bacteria and improves complexion. 

This powerful combination of state-of-the-art technology and high-performance organic ingredients helps to repair environmental damage, erase fine lines and wrinkles, and plump and firm the skin, delivering lasting results of smooth, radiant skin.

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The use of gold has become increasingly popular, yet its benefits to the skin have been known since ancient times. Cleopatra herself was known to use gold to give her skin a healthy, radiant appearance.

The unique combination of a corrective nourishing - mask with a gold leaf provides the skin with an immediate sense of wellbeing, treating redness and fine lines while evening the skin’s tone and promoting a healthy glow.




Its Time to Pause!


Holistic Esthetics:   A Practice, Lifestyle, and Philosophy.

Holistic skincare is connected deeply to the science behind healing and wellness and the mind body connection. The nature of healing takes time and commitment which must be embraced by both client and practitioner.

Traditional Esthetics rarely recognize the connection of cause and effect and routinely treat only the symptom of skin conditions. Holistic Esthetics recognize the mind and body unite as an integrated unit in which every function works together to achieve harmony.

Are You ready for a holistic beauty + wellness journey? I know the options can be a bit over-whelming, but it doesn't have to be that way.  I am here to help!  Let’s set up an appointment and chat about the best customized Holistic plan for your needs.  Options are available in person at the spa and virtually via Zoom Meetings.  


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Cecilia Berkley Review

I began working with Cecilia Berkley earlier this year specifically to heal my rosacea. Nothing my dermatologist prescribed me was giving me long term results, which was incredibly frustrating and what drove me to visit the Cecilia Berkley Holistic Spa. From the moment I met Cecilia, I felt a deep connection and could feel the compassion she shares for helping her clients on their journey to wellness. Ceciliaʼs facials and Corazón Organic Beauty products are remarkable and have truly changed my skincare routine. They gave me the results no other skincare products have by reducing redness, irritability, and dryness. After conversations with Cecilia, I wanted to take my skincare wellness to the next level by healing more from within. I worked with Cecilia to create a custom 28 Day Calming Release Beauty & Wellness Detox Plan to reset my gut, reduce inflammation, balance my hormones, and jump start a healthier lifestyle. Over the course of these 4 weeks, Cecilia helped me to completely reshape my relationship with food, learning about the healing benefits of plant-based nutrition and juicing. I broke my dependency on coffee and eliminated refined sugar from my diet. My cravings went away and my energy level and mood leveled. Each week she prepared a custom menu with a grocery list of ingredients that were easy to follow and also delicious. She was my accountability partner talking to me 1:1 each day to check in on how I was feeling and to ensure I was meeting my goals. Cecilia was as committed to my success (if not even more!) as I was. Over the course of my wellness journey, I have tried many different programs - personal training, diet nutritionists, weight loss coaches, paleo, keto, etc. - you name the diet, Iʼve probably tried it. Nothing helped me learn about listening to my body the way this program did. Now, going on about 3 months since this detox, and I am still returning to Ceciliaʼs recipes to not only keep my skin looking healthy, but to maintain balance in my nutrition. The weeks that I do not juice or prioritize whole fruits and vegetables, I can immediately feel the difference. This program helped me to listen to my body in ways that I never have before! If youʼre stuck in a wellness rut or need a jump start on a healthier lifestyle, I highly recommend working with Cecilia. This program was a total game changer for me and Iʼm forever grateful for the universe bringing me to Cecilia.

Kristin Duffy

"Cecilia is truly an angel.  She puts passion into everything she does. Her products smell amazing and work beautifully. Cecilia listens carefully to your needs and knows exactly what to do. She treats you from the inside out. "From the minute you enter the spa, know you will have a relaxing and gratifying experience. Give yourself the gift of her treatments. You will not be disappointed".

Paola M.

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