"Be your own kind of beautiful.  You never know who you are inspiring by simply being you!"  

Cecilia Berkley


Cecilia Berkley is a Licensed Aesthetician-Facialist and Certified

Holistic Therapist.  She is a Motivator who inspires women, an 

Entrepreneur and Former Media Personality.  Cecilia is the Founder

& CEO of Corazon Organic Skincare.  Her approach to beauty combines

her expertise in both Skincare & Wellness which provides a unique

holistic experience.   Cecilia has a global reach including  customers

in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe.  Her list of prestigious clients

includes  members of a  Royal Family from the Middle East.     



Cecilia's treatments are a mixture of the most innovative technologies

and timeless techniques.  The results are undeniable and the

processes are never too aggressive. LED, Ultrasound, Microcurrents,

Diamond Microdermabrasion, Oxygen Therapy combined with Manual

Massage and Manipulation of the Facial Muscles are incorporated into

her customized treatments that are based on the condition of the skin,

rather than a type.

Consistency along with following a high quality daily routine and

healthy lifestyle is the key to having successful skincare results.

We focus on the fact that seventy percent of how we look and feel is

due to what we put in our mouth. Thirty percent is everything else

including facial massages and treatments, workouts and body

massages. Taking care of your face is as equally as important as

taking care of your body.


The skin is the largest organ in our body so it’s very important to take

care of this organ. Twenty-five percent of your immune system is

within the skin, if your skin is unbalanced, you will have rashes and it

can lead to other serious health issues.





























































"Cecilia is the best aesthetician I have ever had!! So amazing!  - Victoria

"Cecilia's demeanor immediately led me to trust her and feel relaxed.  She is very knowledgeable, caring and kind!  - Maria G.

"Cecilia's kindness, attention to needs and details patience and product knowledge was above and beyond"  - Kendra

"Cecilia loves what she does...it shows" - Kelly

"Thank you so much, loved my service."  -  Heather

"Very knowledgeable and experienced in skincare, met all my needs.  Highly recommended!"  - Sophia

"Cecilia was very caring and thoughtful.  I liked that she explained everything.  - Christi

"Continue to be awesome!" - Joshua

"Cecilia was Great!" - Jeanine

"Great personality and technique"  - Linda

"Relaxing and informative"  - Diane

"Wonderful experience!  Thank you for sharing your wonderful energy and skills with me."  - Darla

"Thankful and grateful, you are a healer!"   - Barbara"

"A delight" - Dyanne

"She went the extra mile to help me de-stress"  - Jill

"She is an excellent person.  Thank you so much Cecilia"  - Magdalena

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