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Hello my darling, let me start by expressing how absolutely delighted I am that you have expressed an interest in my Cecilia Berkley Holistic Method courses! My philosophy to holistic beauty is an all-encompassing approach to a healthy body, mind, and spirit which ultimately results in healthier, more radiant skin. My techniques, which give form to the Cecilia Berkley Holistic Method, deliver life-changing results to my clients because they focus on two key areas of our body, the lymphatic system and the nervous system. These two bodily systems affect how well our body and brain function. My method delivers powerful results because my techniques bring the skin back into balance via the removal of toxins, inflammation, stagnant energy, fluids retained within the lymph nodes and all-over body relaxation. My clients walk away with a more plump, rejuvenated appearance, because my method boosts the natural production of collagen, the regeneration of cells, & produces a visibly lifted, toned, & sculpted appearance.
In my Cecilia Berkley Holistic Method Courses I will teach you through my Magical Manipulation Touch how to:
 ✅ Sculpt, lift, & tone the face via my unique acupressure techniques that reduce bloating & inflammation
 ✅ Boost circulation and drain the lymphatic system to flush out toxins
 ✅ Boost collagen production which will help give a plump, more youthful, appearance
 ✅ Relieve muscle tension to reduce migraines and headaches
 ✅ Calm the nervous system to help the body and brain function better
 ✅ Move stagnant energy to clear energetic blockages (e.g. emotions, past memories)
My method will bring you new clients, as well as, completely wow your existing ones because they will experience a facial unlike anything they have ever experienced before. You will also will be able to confidently increase your prices because by investing in yourself and taking my course, you are furthering your skillset thereby leveling up the delivery of your services.
Upon successful completion of my courses you will become certified in The Cecilia Berkley Holistic Method and will be welcomed into a community of Holistic Professionals who will be there to support you. Our community will focus on sharing opportunities, celebrating successes, & creating a network for Holistic Professionals to feel welcomed, encouraged, & supported. 
I look forward to welcoming you into our holistic family & invite you to get more information about my upcoming courses by submitting the request for information form below.

With so much love,
Cecilia Berkley

Courses Available & Logistical Information

We currently have open enrollment for two courses designed for aestheticians who are looking to learn how to deliver powerful, holistic treatments (facials), that produce incredible physical (lifted, sculpted, toned, rejuvenated skin) and energetic (releasing of blockages--emotions, stagnant energy) results that transform the lives of the clients they touch.

Course Option 1: Cecilia Berkley Holistic Method - Foundational Course [2 days]

- In-person & fully virtual (LIVE) options available, dates to be provided upon inquiry

- Thursday & Friday OR Friday & Saturday

- Course Objective: learn the theory/method & apply the techniques from The Cecilia Berkley Holistic Method, including The Magical Manipulation Touch

Course Option 2Cecilia Berkley Holistic Method - Master Course [3 days]

- In-person & fully virtual (LIVE) options available, dates to be provided upon inquiry

- Thursday, Friday, & Saturday

- Course Objective: learn the theory/method & apply the techniques from The Cecilia Berkley Holistic Method, including The Magical Manipulation Touch + three (3) additional modules that focus on:

Holistic Nutrition Module with education & meal recipes to heal/balance the gut so you can have high energy levels, a clear mind, greater motivation & inspiration

Introduction to Business Module to help reignite or start your own business (having your own spa or studio) by learning how to incorporate practices that allow you to operationalize your business so you can focus on what matters--attracting more clients & delivering powerful treatments

Confidence & Customer Service Module to build your confidence in the prices that you charge & how to attract & retain your ideal clients by understanding who your target market is

Fall Sessions Now Open!!

October Sessions:

10/20 - 10/22 (in-person)

10/27 - 10/29 (virtual)

November Sessions:

11/03 - 11/05 (in-person)

11/10 - 11/12 (virtual)

11/17-11/19 (in-person)

Note: if doing 2-day Foundational course then will only join the first 2 days of the session.

Travel Information:

For students who would like to attend our courses in-person but live out-of-state (Arizona), we will work with you to help you with accommodations & travel arrangements.


For students attending the course in-person, nutritious holistic meals & beverages will be provided each day. 


If you have specific circumstances or requests please submit them via the form located below & we would be more than happy to provide you with all of the answers! Alternatively, you may reach us directly at (480) 805-1441 or '[email protected]'.

Cecilia Berkley Holistic Method Courses - Request for Information

To get more information on our upcoming Cecilia Berkley Holistic Method courses, please fill out the short form below and a member of our team will be in touch with you within 24hrs to share with you all of the details.

What our students are saying:

"My experience with Cecilia was amazing - I was drawn to take her course as I was looking to find ways to enhance my services. She was very passionate and extremely helpful! My goal is to receive a personal facial from her! To all Licensed Skin Therapists/Estheticians...I highly recommend!" -Regina Taylor Santiago