Holistic Herbal Ear Candle Treatment 

Ear Candling 

A healing practice with miraculous benefits.

The ancient practice of ear candling is thousands of years old. It worked then and it still works now! 

Murals from long ago provide evidence that ear candling or ear coning was was used for healing centuries before we were here. Inside of the pyramids, on canyon walls, and in Chinese temples, there are pictures of people receiving the benefits of “Thermal Auricular Therapy”. In many countries this ancient technique was passed down from generation to generation as a natural way to help with ear problems. Today in Germany, doctors doing their internships learn ear coning as part of their education. The same goes for nurses in England.

We provide ear candle cleansing, along with other holistic detox beauty wellness services.  Ear coning is an effective method that is used to cleanse the ears gently. 


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