What we put onto our skin is just as important as what we put into our bodies.

Have you considered that your skin (the largest organ in our body) needs to be treated with love, kindness and care as well?   For the best overall wellbeing and having a healthier balance in your life, making the The Classic Holistic Facial a monthly routine is crucial. Detoxifying and nourishing with holistic vitamins and minerals through the skin is a powerful way to restore balance and harmony in the body.   

At Cecilia Holistic Spa, we have made it easy for you to make Holistic Skincare a lifestyle.

The VIP HOLISTIC SPA MEMBERSHIP now enables you to get the monthly consistency in treating your

skin that you deserve.  Cecilia is now offering you the opportunity to be a VIP Member at Cecilia Holistic Spa!  Register now while space is available.




      Vip spa MEMBERSHIP


$95 month!


  • You will receive a Classic Holistic Facial every month tailored to your skin.   The journey will always include deep cleansing, exfoliation and botanical infusion.  A beauty and wellness experience for a healthier you.  We then customize from there  with various skin therapy techniques.  Our Holistic Facial is designed to de-stress the skin; bring balance and harmony while producing radiant results. 

  • 20% discounts off all Corazon Organic Skincare Products purchased in spa. .

  • Exclusive Member Only Offers 

  • Auto-Billed Monthly, cancel at anytime.  

  • Roll over any unused months credits toward larger spa treatments and services.


        Prices, benefits and offers may change without notice..   


Limited Space Available  Register Below

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